1. Luge riders must hold a valid ticket, which must be presented to the ticket controller.

2. Use of the luge is at the rider’s own risk. Riders must wear suitable clothing and must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or heavy medication.

3. Riders must control their speed so as not to endanger themselves or other users. A minimum distance of 25 m between luges is required for safety. Tailgating is strictly prohibited. In the event of a collision between two luges, the rear luge will be liable for any damage/injury.

4. Reckless riding can lead to serious injuries. Riders must always brake in time and slow down before arriving at the arrival tunnel at the end of the run.

5. Riders must remain seated at all times during the ride. It is strictly forbidden to turn to look back, or to lean out the side of the luge.

6. Follow the instructions given by staff closely and respect the departure intervals shown by the traffic lights at the top of the track (before the downhill run begins). Riders must not go too slowly and should only stop in case of emergency.

7. The luge’s seatbelt must be correctly attached throughout the entirety of the ride (ascent and descent).

8. Children are under the responsibility of parents or accompanying persons.
Children under the age of 3 are not allowed.
Children under the age of 9 are allowed to use the luge only if accompanied by a person who is over 9 years old and who will be the principal luge rider. The principal rider must have the approval of the person responsible for the child to supervise the child rider.
In certain weather conditions the luge operating company reserves the right to increase the minimum age of the principal rider to 14 years old.

9. The taller person always sits at the rear (acting as the driver), and must keep their hands on the brake at all times. He/she must not touch the track. He/she is responsible for the safety of the luge and must be able to activate the brake at any point during the ride. The person who is sitting at the front (the passenger) must hold the handles at all times during the ride and must not touch the track.

10. In the event of precipitation (rain or snow) or frost, a minimum safety distance of 50 m will be applied due to longer braking distances. Users must comply with the signage and must always respect the 25 m minimum safety distance in other circumstances.

11. Riders must follow the instructions given by staff. In the event that the rider does not follow these instructions he/she will be prohibited from using the luge.

12. Access to the luge for people with special needs must be agreed before the ride with the operating company. The operating company reserves the right to deny access to the luge to any person whose mobility, bodyweight or physical capabilities prevent the person from sitting correctly and controlling the luge or from having adequate visibility in normal operating conditions.

13. Due to the conditions of use, pregnant women are not permitted to use the luge.

14. The maximum permitted weight of all passengers on a luge is 150 kg. It is forbidden to take pets, umbrellas, walking sticks or any objects that are cumbersome, sharp or incorrectly fastened. Avoid contact with the luge’s wheels and the track. The operating company reserves the right to forbid access to the luge to people who are wearing items of clothing or accessories that may pose a safety risk (loose clothing, scarves, caps, etc.).

15. Smoking and the use of mobile phones or film equipment are forbidden during the entire duration of the luge ride.

16. Accessing the luge outside the designated access area is forbidden. Users are only authorised to embark and disembark at the designated areas.

17. It is forbidden to damage the tracks, the installations and the luges, to put obstacles on the track, to operate the luge without authorisation, to set off the safety alarms without due cause, and to carry out any other act that would threaten the smooth and safe operation of the luge.

18. The staff must be notified of any accident immediately.

19. In buying a ticket for the luge, riders accept these conditions in their entirety and accept full responsibility for their actions, without recourse.